Supplier's Guide

The Kinds of Products We Need

At Toyota, we strive to provide customers around the world with appealing products that fulfill social and environmental mandates. To do that, we require parts and materials that offer distinctively superior cost performance. We especially welcome items that support quantum leaps in the value of Toyota vehicles.

Here's a closer look...

Cost Performance

  • Cost performance of individual parts
  • Reductions in total costs:
    • Integration of multiple part functions into composite assemblies and systems
    • Improvements to promote ease of installation
    • Improvements to logistics
  • Cost performance of individual pieces of equipment
  • Productivity improvements and running-cost reductions

Toyota's Future Needs


  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • Quieter operation
  • Recyclable products
  • Active Safety:
    • Improve vehicle performance
    • Improve vehicle handling
    • Improve field of vision and implement detection functions
  • Passive Safety:
    • Establish "safety space" in passenger cabin
    • Protect vehicle occupants
    • Eliminate protruding parts
    • Improve ease of exit and rescue
  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics
  • Fashionability
  • Higher energy efficiency and more energy conversion
  • Reduced emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides
  • Processing of plant effluent and solid wastes
  • Reducing output of noise and odors
  • Recycling
  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • Improvements in operability

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